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Uncover new insights into RNAi screening data, siRNA reagents and gene targets

The Phenovault is a carefully curated database and analysis suite for RNAi and CRISPR screening data developed by siTOOLs Biotech.
Harnessing the power of large datasets and leveraging “seed”-based behaviour of siRNAs, the Phenovault unlocks new insights into existing RNAi screening data, siRNA reagents and gene targets.

Inside Phenovault

  • 48 screening publications and growing
  • 374, 364 unique reagents
  • 20 million data points
  • 845 screening features
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What Phenovault can do

Evaluate siRNA specificity

Determine potential for off-targeting by a given siRNA sequence and obtain a list of candidate off-target genes

Evaluate gene targets 

Understand gene targets through their past performance in RNAi/CRISPR screens and obtain information on indicated phenotypes.

Seed-focused analysis of RNAi screening data

Identify false positives and uncover novel targets via seed-based hit detection algorithms for a given RNAi screening dataset.

Leveraging seed-based siRNA off-target effects

What is a seed?

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microRNAs use the seed to recognise and downregulate transcripts
The seed is a 6 base sequence at position 2 to 7 of the siRNA guide strand that dictates siRNA off-target activity based on microRNA mimicry.

Seed effects dominate phenotypes

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Correlation analysis of 300 phenotypic features show siRNAs sharing the same seed produce more closely related phenotypes than siRNAs targeting the same gene.
The Phenovault is a service provided by siTOOLs Biotech. 
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